Spider-Man Web Shooters

I must have played with over one hundred Spider-Man web shooters, but the choices now are better than ever.

For any kid that loves Spider-Man, the web shooter is the quintessential accessory. I mean, could you imagine wearing your favourite Spider-Man mask or costume without one? Stop! Don’t even imagine it! Instead just look at my selection of the best Spider-Man web shooters currently available.


Spider-Man: Far From Home Web Shooter (NERF)

This. Looks. Incredible.

Spider-Man NERF Web Shooter

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The latest addition to the range is the official ‘Far From Home’ web shooter, released to coincide with the sequel to 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This web shooter will make you look and feel cooler than any web shooter I’ve ever seen ─ and trust me, I’ve seen hundreds!

And that’s not even the best part, because what I like most about the Far From Home web shooter is that it uses NERF’s reusable, foam darts ─ so you can play non-stop, all day.

But you probably don’t need me to sell it to you. You can tell how good this one is just by looking at it.


Ultimate Spider-Man Web Shooter

When it comes to choosing the best Spider-Man web shooter, there are just two things you should look for: how much web it can shoot, and how easy it is to use. This official Ultimate Spider-Man Web & Water Shooter from Hasbro ticks both boxes ─ by which I mean, it shoots a lot of web and is so easy to use!

Ultimate Spider-Man Web Shooter

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The glove itself is simple and flawless but, as we know, that’s not the key part of your web shooter. The key part is the web mechanism itself. In this case, it is a simple switch that activates with a medium touch using the ring and middle fingers (you know the drill!). Next thing you know, this thing is rocketing web everywhere. It’s so strong, and the web goes a surprising distance. There’s no spray, even when you get to the end of the bottle, and because it uses official Spidey Shot web, it’s easy to wash off any surface. If you don’t want to clean up, there’s also a water bottle which gets the same distance and strength.

This web shooter would look great with any costume and is guaranteed to give kids a surprise when they first pull the trigger. I am very happy with this Spider-Man web shooter!

But wait till you feast your eyes on this one…


Amazing Spider-Man Spiral Blast Web Shooter

If the last two web shooters were pistols, this one is the rocket launcher. Just look how huge it is! This has to be the heaviest-duty web blaster I’ve ever seen. And the fact that it fires two streams of web that launch in a spiral? Well that’s just ridiculous.

Amazing Spider-Man Spiral Blast Web Shooter

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Strong arms will probably be required for this one, but if you can handle the power, this one is a must-have. After all, if you ever catch yourself in a web fight, wouldn’t you want the biggest, meanest web shooter you can get your hands on? Like my other choices, this one features a really simple shooting mechanism, even despite its huge size, and is as quick and easy to reload as click-click-click.

No gloves! But that’s not a problem, as it can go with practically any Spider-Man costume. And don’t worry ─ any official Spider-Man Spidey Shot Web Fluid will work with this model. Look out though as, as you might expect with a web shooter that can fire two streams at once, it can drain a whole can pretty quickly.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to buy lots of Spidey Shot Web Fluid refills!

And now, on to the final entry on my list of the top Spider-Man web shooters for 2017…


Ultimate Spider-Man Super Web Slinger

What’s not to love about this one? Simple and compact, easy to fit together, and available at a fantasticly low price! The simplest way to describe this one is that it can do everything you would expect from the best Spider-Man web shooters, but at a very cheap price, and it looks and feels every bit as good as any other web shooter on the market.

Ultimate Spider-Man Super Web Slinger

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I also like that it comes with an optional glove, meaning you can wear the web shooter on its own, or leave the glove off to match it with your favourite Spider-Man costume. I imagine this one, at its much lower price, is going to be a big seller for Hallowe’en and Christmas so make sure to snap yours up quickly!

Oh ─ and I suppose I’ve got time for one bonus entry…


Cheapest Spider-Man Web Shooter

Yes, it’s not as fancy as the rest, but as a discount option you can’t beat it. A simple and stylish Spider-Man glove, with web slinger sound effects at the push of a button, make this one a great option for younger kids, or as a last-minute Hallowe’en accessory.

Cheap Spider-Man Web Shooter

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