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There’s nothing more frustrating than scouring the internet to find the best deals on Spider-Man toys.

I know because I spent years doing it myself. As a lifelong Spidey fan, I’ve spent years finding the best Spider-Man toys, memorabilia and collectables at the best prices…

And that’s why I made this website ─ to share the newest and best Spider-Man toys with you!

Here you’ll find all the newest products at the best prices from trusted UK retailers. Everything from Spider-Man figures, to costumes and bikes, and of course web shooters!

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Best Spider-Man Toys

Spider-Man ‘Swing and Sling’

Only £44.99 @ Smyths Toys

The perfect stocking-filler for young Spidey fans, this awesome Spider-Man toy makes web shooting motions and sings the Spider-Man theme song and saying cool Spider-Man phrases. I love it! Not only can this soft Spidey toy be bent and positioned in all sorts of ways, including hanging upside down from his web, it can also swing and tumble all on its own. And for just £44.99? Ridiculously low price for something this cool. Snap it up right away if you know this would be perfect for your little Spidey fan.


Spider-Man Homecoming ‘Super Sense’ Figure – VOICE COMMANDS WITH 100-PLUS PHRASES

Major Discount @ Amazon UK

Pay attention Spider-Man collectors, because this is the deal you’ve been waiting for. Responding to five voice commands with over 100 sounds and phrases; featuring emotive light up eyes; firing four missiles and web fluid from his motorised arms; this is the must-have toy of the year. Click the link now to play the video and see just what this crazy 64cm-tall Spidey toy can do. This incredible Spider-Man figurine will keep you entertained for weeks and trust me when I say you’ll never see a price this low again!


Bargain MOVIE BUNDLE: 5 Spider-Man Movies

DVD and Blu-ray @ Amazon UK

Oh mercy! Deals like this don’t come around too often, so let me lay this one perfectly bare. You are looking at Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, The Amazing Spider-Man and the The Amazing Spider-Man 2, all together in one bundle, available at a bargain price. I can’t make this one any clearer. It’s five Spider-Man movies for less than the price of one. Stop gawping! Buy yours now before they run out!


COLLECTORS LOOK! Spider-Man Homecoming Eye FX Figurine

HALF PRICE @ The Entertainer (just £13.50!)

Man, it felt like just yesterday I was reviewing this bad-boy for my list of the best Spider-Man figures, and already it’s had its price slashed by 50%. At just £13.50, this is now one of the best-value Spider-Man collectable toys available at this time of year! And considering all the features you get with this 12-inch figurine (12 phrases and battle sound effects, moving eyes, not to mention batteries included) you’d be stupid not to take this opportunity to buy yours. Get it now from The Entertainer using the link provided! And while you’re stocking up on cheap Spider-Man toys, why not get…



just £23.99 @ Argos

Cos I mean, you can’t stage battles between your new, cut-price toys if you only buy one, right? Vulture from the Spider-Man Homecoming movie features some excellent battle sound effects and snap-action wings. The perfect accompaniment and a must-have for all Spidey collectors.


Half price! Spider-Man Toy Playset

Only £24.99 @ Smyths Toys

This interactive Spidey playset looks like great fun, with multiple Spider-Man figures and plenty of moving parts. How about half price for Christmas? Bargain!


Third OFF: Spider-Man Tsum Tsum Stack ‘n Display Set

Just £19.99 @ Argos

The perfect stocking filler doesn’t exi-

Haha, okay, full disclosure. I had no idea what a Tsum Tsum is before today. Turns out it’s a new range of collectable stuffed toys exclusive to Disney (copied after a range of Japanese toys called “tsumu” meaning “to stack”), and this is Spider-Man’s entry into the range! Pull apart the display case to reveal all sorts of incredible, exclusive toys, puzzles and games inside, enough to keep your little ones entertained for hours and hours this Christmas. And when they’re done? This handy containers doubles as a toy chest, a lunchbox, or whatever else your little ones can put their imaginations to! The headline stat: this Spider-Man Tsum Tsum holds a whopping 45 toys inside! At just £19.99, down from £30, now is the perfect time to buy them this perfect little stocking filler in time for Christmas.


Mash’ems 4 pack just £4.98!

Half price @ Toys R Us

Chances are, your kids already lovely Mash’Ems. If they haven’t already got the Spider-Man collection, this set of 4 is just £4.98 from Toys R Us! Now that’s what I call a great stocking filler!


Spider-Man Sticky Nightlight (battery-powered)

JUST £19.99 @ Argos

SELLING FAST! Not only does this cool Spider-Man soft toy make an excellent wall direction, with just the flip of a switch it becomes your child’s best friend after lights-out. Stick it to their bedroom wall to provide a soothing night light, or tuck them into bed where it can act like a flashlight to keep them safe. Don’t worry about the battery life, as this clever night-light automatically shuts off after 10 minutes. In fact, don’t worry about anything: just look how cool it looks! Surely that justifies this low, low price? Limited availability and selling fast so CLICK NOW to get yours!


COLLECTORS LOOK: Spider-Man Homecoming Tech Suit Figurine

just £34.99 @ Argos (SELLING OUT!)

This brand-new figurine from the Spider-Man Homecoming movie comes with all sorts of features that make it one of the best on the market right now. 2 play modes, battle and flight mode, give you full control; motion-sensors make playing even more intuitive (and even more fun!); 40+ phrases and sounds respond on command; light up eyes; and Spidey fires projectiles, just like you’d expect. See for yourself: this is one the truest, best-designed figures of the year. And as I mentioned above, this Spider-Man toy’s selling FAST, so click now to grab yours before it’s too late!


BEST TOY DEAL: Spider-Man Homecoming Spider-Racer + Spider-Man Figure + NERF DART SHOOTER

Just £19.99 @ The Entertainer

Holy cow! The Entertainer are smashing it again with the low-price, discount Spidey toys! I’ve just found this one and it’s blown me away. Very little time for a description, but if you’re reading this right now, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, click the link, this toy could sell out in no time! Anyway, here’s a run down: 6 inch scale figure of Spider-Man, 2 nerf darts included, Spidey fits in the driver’s seat and zoom, off it goes! Look it’s a great deal and it’s only going to be around while stocks last (which won’t be very long) so click the link and snap it up right now!


CHEAP ACCESSORY: Spider-Man Web Wing Costume Set

JUST £14.99 @ The Entertainer

Right. Let me tell you why this curious little bundle is the best purchase you’ll make all year. For just £24.99, you can transform any old Spider-Man costume, whether it’s a year old or twenty years old, into a brand new, cutting-edge, Spider-Man Homecoming costume! Add Spider-Man’s web wings and all-new Webslinger belt and you’re all set for your next costume party or Hallowe’en. And the best bit? You didn’t have to fork out for a new costume! Result.