Spider-Man Scooters

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to learn that Spider-Man scooters were making a resurgence this year. I used to ride scooters when I was young and thought kids would have moved on to something else by now (y’know, like those hoverboards). But nope, turns out you can’t beat two (or three) wheels, a pair of handlebars and the unmatched power of kicking the ground.

Now before you read on, beware: there are a lot of options when it comes to Spider-Man scooters. However in terms of design and style, there’s not much variation. I imagine any Spider-Man scooter with adjustable height will be suitable for most children aged 3─13 years old. So if you are shopping for a new Spider-Man scooter, you’re probably shopping for price and durability. That’s why I’ve chosen to rank my pick of Spider-Man scooters for 2018 in order of what I believe is the best value for money.

Starting with no.1!


Ultimate Spider-Man Folding Scooter

Design-wise, this has everything going on. All the little details have been thought about, from the red handlebars with the Spidey graphics on the plastic drop protectors, to the decals covering every inch of spare metal, to the bright red wheels.

Ultimate Spider-Man Folding Scooter

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It’s light, at just over 3kg, and it has adjustable handlebars, making it suitable for children of almost any height. Any Spider-Man fan would love to own something as cool as this, not to mention the amazing price, which means that it easily takes the no.1 spot on this list. A great purchase!


Ultimate Spider-Man 3-Wheel “My First Scooter”

Another excellently-designed scooter, again sporting the red handlebars and wheels, but this time in a three-wheel edition. I know that 3-wheeled scooters are more popular with younger children (between the ages of 3─5) who want something safe, yet fast. Parents get extra piece of mind too, as three-wheel models are less likely to tip over.

Ultimate Spider-Man My First Scooter

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This particular model weighs in at 2.5kg, which is incredibly light (it’s made mostly of plastic, so it’s not the most durable, but it does have removable handlebars for easy storage).

However the thing that got your attention is no doubt the price! This Spider-Man 3-wheel scooter could righteously be called a stocking filler. This is the cheapest item on the list, so if you’re only here for price, you’ve found your perfect purchase.


Ultimate Spider-Man 3-Wheel Scooter

Another 3-wheel option, another Ultimate Spider-Man theme, but this time we can note some very subtle design changes.

Ultimate Spider-Man 3-Wheel Scooter

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This scooter is intended for a slightly older audience than the last one, although the frame itself is more or less the same height and weight. Blue wheels instead of red, a long “trick lip” at the back and new decal graphics make this a really eye-catching scooter.

I think this one may last your child a bit longer, since it has a number of the features you tend to see on scooters for older children, but I can’t promise anything. And you can’t argue with the price! A solid all-rounder.


The Amazing Spider-Man Scooter

Sleek. Shiny. Spidey. I absolutely love this 2-wheeled scooter. It’s built mostly out of metal, making it a little more appealing to the eyes, not to mention a bit more robust, and the dark decals bearing the Amazing Spider-Man designs mark this scooter out as being clearly intended for older children.

The Amazing Spider-Man Scooter

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As a two-wheeled model, it’s got all the features you’d expect to find: collapsable frame; adjustable handlebars; back stomp-brake. And it’s incredibly light at just 2.3kg. It’s a little more expensive, but as the only remarkable option for children aged 5 and up, it earns a respectable fourth place on the list.


Ultimate Spider-Man 3-Wheeled Scooter (alternative)

A slight variation on the Ultimate Spider-Man 3-wheel model, this scooter features grey handlebars, blue rubber wheels and some other very minor design changes, including new decals.

Ultimate Spider-Man 3 Wheel Scooter Alternative

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There isn’t much to differentiate this from the other Ultimate Spider-Man scooters (in fact, it’s pretty much the same except for the slight design changes), but it’s still available at an amazing price. A great alternative and a solid choice for any Spidey fan.


Spider-Man Homecoming Scooter

A personal favourite, this inline scooter featuring brand-new Spider-Man: Homecoming decals in all-metal with red foam handlebars, red wheels and rear stomp-brake, is sure to be every inch a fan-favourite. I just love the design of the board. Very crisp and modern.

Spider-Man Homecoming Scooter

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At 2.4kg, I would posit that this inline model is intended for younger children, but of course it features adjustable handlebars that could make it a great choice for children approaching 10 years old. The board is slightly shorter than other inline editions, but that makes it easier to steer, brake and do tricks.

At a great price, this is very good investment and is sure to be well-received by any Spider-Man fan.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Scooter

Beast! Despite being the most expensive on the list, I still believe this heavy-duty, hard-riding Spider-Man 10-inch Scooter deserves a space near the top, as it is the only option suitable for off-roading, bashing into curbs and general wear-and-tear.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Scooter

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At a higher price point than some other editions (not to mention weight), it’s bound to steer some people away at first glance ─ but for those willing to fork out an investment, it will surely pay itself back over the years.

Plus, look at that design! Where do I even start with this one? The spider-shaped emblem at the front is unbelievably cool and, while the frame is dashed with blue and red, it’s mostly black, giving it a glossy and sleek finish. Tres cool.

I absolutely love this model. Perfect for older kids, especially those who are a bit careless with their toys.


Ultimate Spider-Man Twist Scooter (Mondo)

Perfect for kids who like to weave up and down the city streets. This three-wheeled scooter from Mondo promises an innovative steering system, which is a fancy way of saying you can lean the handlebars to steer. That makes it a little safer and more responsive than other models.

Ultimate Spider-Man Twist Scooter

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I’m not big on this design. The all-blue makes it look a little… clinical? Is that the right word? The cool type on the handlebar unit is the only design feature that draws me to this scooter. The wheels are made of PVC which strikes me as being a bad material for use on roads and dirt paths and one which will require cleaning from time to time.

Eh. I’m on the fence. On the one hand, it has the unique Twist & Roll steering. On the other, I don’t think it would wow an older Spider-Man fan.


The Amazing Spider-Man Scooter with Bag

Perfect for little explorers. Big, hard-wearing wheels with a durable metal frame, a tough foot board with a big back lip for jumps, and of course the front-mounted bag which acts as both a decal and a place to store lunch.

The Amazing Spider-Man Scooter With Bag

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If your kid is the kind to ride his/her scooter to school, they’ll get a lot of use out of this model. And, thanks to its construction, it’s sure to last a bit longer than many other models.

A solid choice. But does having a small bag on the front justify the price tag? I can’t say either way, but I will say this: it’s a very nice bag.


The Amazing Spider-Man Large 3-wheeled Scooter

Reasons I like this one: low price, heavy duty wheels, fully adjustable and a great size for kids of any age. Reasons I don’t: JUST LOOK AT IT.

The Amazing Spider-Man Scooter Alternative

Available from Amazon UK

It’s one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. That decal. WHAT!? Did they download the first image they found on Google and print it on a 1990s office printer? Shocking. The fake Spidey-suit patterns up and down the frame aren’t particularly attractive either.

From top to bottom, this scooter just looks rubbish ─ which is a great shame, but I feel the robust design and fully-adjustable frame would have had a lot of potential otherwise.


Mondo 2-wheel Spider-Man Scooter

Green Goblin makes a rare appearance on this timelessly-designed two-wheel scooter which, in my opinion, would be perfect for older kids and even teenaged Spidey fans.

Mondo 2-Wheel Spiderman Scooter

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The comic book designed decals are perfectly offset by the red handlebars and wheels, and of course it’s fully adjustable. I really, really like it! I could imagine riding it myself.

The only problem is that price. For the life of me, I just can’t find a way to justify it when such other great options exist on this list.

Having said that, I can say with confidence that this scooter is probably one of the most hard-wearing and long-lasting of the lot, and of course it’s sure to please any Spider-Man fan. A hard sell, but probably worth the investment.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Scooter (ALternative)

You’ve scrolled too far. In fact you’ve scrolled so far, you’re starting to see heinously ugly Spider-Man scooters at record-high prices. Not only is this one already out of date, it’s at a price that I can find no way of justifying. Go back up! Much better deals await!


What do you think? Do you have a favourite? Thanks for reading!


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