Spider-Man Car Seats

Beline Spider-Man Car Seat

You drive a car, you like to look and feel good behind the wheel, right? Well so does your kid! So why not treat them to a car seat that will make them look and feel totally cool, while also giving you complete peace-of-mind knowing they’re safe in case of any bumps or dings?

Beline Spider-Man Car Seat

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Just released this year, the Beline Group 1-2-3 Spider-Man Car Seat ticks all the boxes. Must-have Spider-Man accessory? Tick. Suitable for children up to 36kg (roughly nine months to 11 years)? Tick. Can be converted into a booster seat? Tick. Five-way interlocking harness that fits into any three-point seatbelt offering protection in case of shock impacts, rollovers and crushing? Tick, tick, tick.

And my own personal litmus test ─ does it look cool enough to recommend? Absolutely tick. I love the design on this seat. Although it’s not in the style of any current Spider-Man series, it has a classic colour scheme with a neat Spidey image, meaning it a) won’t get boring to look at and b) can be resold or gifted so that another family can enjoy it just as much years down the line.

Now I’m aware there have been some negative reviews of this car seat and I am required to admit that I have not tested it myself. However, I do believe that many of the complaints ─ for instance that the buckle isn’t reliable or that it’s too thin to offer real protection ─ have been disproved by the manufacturer.

Final thing to point out: £50!? That’s an incredibly low price for such a handsome Spider-Man Car Seat!

But wait: that’s not all.


Beline Spider-Man Booster Seat

Because this great Spider-Man Car Seat by Beline Group is also available as a Booster Seat.

Beline Spider-Man Booster Seat

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Looking every bit as cool as it’s big brother, this robust, comfortable car seat is available for just £7.99. Booster seats are ideal for slightly older kids (usually about three years and up) who aren’t quite big enough to ride in the passenger seat (from eight years on). Choosing a comfortable and well-designed booster seat is important if you intend to take long journeys with your child and, looking at the favourable reviews from this Spider-Man Booster Seat, all signs are positive.


Kids Embrace Spider-Man Car Seat

The classic Spider-Man design with the cartoon-inspired blue and red colour scheme won’t please everyone. So if you’re after something a little more debonair (so to speak!), this alternative from Kids Embrace may be the perfect option for you:

Kids Embrace Spider-Man Car Seat

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I just love this one. I can’t imagine what it would look like with a child sat in the seat but… well I imagine it would look pretty tip-top! The cup-holders are a neat addition which makes the Kids Embrace Spider-Man Car Seat ever so slightly better, in my opinion, than the Beline Group edition, but the design on them is a little, erm… forced, perhaps? The angular Spidey-hands gripping the plain black cup-holders seems to be based on Spidey flying his Hypersonic Spider Jet or something, but I imagine it’s more likely this was based off a generic design they had.

However ─ design flaws notwithstanding ─ it’s still a great-looking piece with cool, modern Spider-Man colours and just as good safety-wise as the Beline Group model. I hope you never have a car accident, but if you do, I hope you’ve properly strapped your child into a safe and durable car seat, so please spend a bit of time reading the fine print when installing your new Spider-Man Car Seat or Booster Seat.


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