Spider-Man Bedding

You know, one of the things I kinda hate about being an adult is that I’m forced to go to bed in boring, plain bedding. I had a conversation with a friend the other day about thread counts. I don’t even know what that means. All I know is, I would give anything to go to bed one more time in my favourite Spider-Man bedsheets.

Sigh. That will never happen. So I guess I’ll just settle for reviewing some of my favourite designs from around the internet instead! If your kid has been bugging you for some cooler sheets, these are my top three Spider-Man bedding choices:


“Spidey Strikes” Spider-Man Duvet Cover

Pow! What a cool design. This is the kind of action shot that would take pride of place in any kid’s room.

Spidey Strikes Spider-Man Bedding

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The sheets measure 135x200cm, which should fit any single-size kids bed. The pack comes with one pillowcase. The sheets aren’t a particularly high quality ─ but then again, what childrens’ bedsheets are these days? ─ being made of a polyester-cotton blend… but that does mean they keep their colour much longer, and the artificial fibres help to wick away sweat and moisture to keep them dryer, meaning they won’t need washing as often as natural sheets. They’re on the higher end of the budget price range, but in my opinion, they’re worth every penny! Great design.


The Ultimate Spider-Man Motif Bed Linen Set

A little more expensive, but these are hot off the press and a must-have for any fans of the simply incredible Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

Ultimate Spider-Man Bedding

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These sheets are 100% cotton, making them extra comfortable and giving them a soft, natural feel. They will require a little more washing than polycotton blends, but with a bit of fabric softener, they’ll prove much more comfortable. These sheets are a little bigger than a single, measuring 160x200cm, and they once again come with a single pillowcase.

One of my favourite touches is that the duvet cover is double-sided. One side features that awesome Ultimate Spider-Man scene that goes really well with the Spidey pillow case, while the other side is a light blue emblazoned with Spider-Man insignias. Whichever way it’s facing, it’s gonna look very cool and be a real favourite with Spidey fans. As for the price? Well, it is 100% cotton, so I guess the higher cost is justified.


Spider-Man Avengers Printed Soft Fleece Blanket/Throw

A fantastic accessory, a wonderful stocking filler, and oh-so soft, this fleece throw would be the perfect complement to any Spider-Man bed set (or any bed set in general). I think it would be an especially good way to liven up a boring old chair or sofa.

Ultimate Spider-Man Fleece Throw

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The material is 100% synthentic, which means it can be machine-washed, not that you’ll need to as it’s fairly good at wicking away sweat and other moisture. It’s also surprisingly warm for such a lightweight blanket. Although it’s not a full bed set, it’s a great piece to liven up a child’s bedroom without breaking the bank. Well recommended!


“Yikes!” Spider-Man Polar Fleece Blanket

As above, but with a different and much more dynamic design, featuring Spidey in all his web-slinging glory. Why not purchase both throws and really bring a room to life?

Ultimate Spider-Man Blanket

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So, you’ve got your Spider-Man bedding sorted, but why not go the whole hog and take a look at the range of Spider-Man beds available.