Spider-Man Bikes

If your kid is mad about Spider-Man, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve scoured the internet to find the five cheapest Spider-Man bikes around.

Speaking as a giant Spidey fan myself, I can give my personal guarantee that your boy or girl will absolutely adore their new Spider-Man bike – and it will last for years.

Here are my top picks for 2018:

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  1. Cheapest Spider-Man Bike (10-inch)

  2. Cheapest Spider-Man Balance Bike

  3. Cheapest 14 or 16-inch Spider-Man Bike

  4. Cheapest 12-inch Spider-Man Bike (16-inch also available)

  5. Spider-Man Homecoming bike (14 or 16-inch)

  6. Cheapest 20-inch Spider-Man Bike


Cheapest Spider-Man Bike (10-inch)


You read that right – this bike makes the list thanks to that incredible offer from Halfords

Spider-Man fans’ eyes are guaranteed to light up when they see this red-and-blue beauty sitting in the driveway. Decked out in all sorts of decals and, as you’d expect, this bike is a visual feast… and sure to be a fan favourite.

Buy now from Halfords – just £72 (+ free delivery)

When your little Spidey fan has mastered their balancing act, those stabilisers pop right off. And the tough steel build and pneumatic tyres mean this bad boy will last and last and last.

The key stats

  • Suitable for boys and girls 3–5 years; height 3’ 3” – 3’ 8”
  • Steel frame
  • Removable stabilisers included
  • Just £72 (+ free delivery) from Halfords


Cheapest Spider-Man Balance Bike

Just £61.41 + £3.99 DELIVERY!

How about a bargain from Acycles UK?

This runner bike is for the younger kids, who can’t wait to get cycling, but aren’t guide ready for the step up to pedalling.

Spiderman Balance Bike

Buy now from Acycles UK – just £61.41 (+ £3.99 delivery)

If you’re after a bike for your little one, then snap it up now, because this bargain is going to sell out long before Christmas.

The key stats

  • Suitable for boys and girls 2 – 4 years
  • Just £61.41 (+ £3.99 delivery) from Acycles UK


Cheapest 14 or 16-inch Spider-Man bike

This easy-rider looks absolutely spot-on. I love the blue colour scheme (and I’m sure if your child’s favourite colour is blue, they will too) and the way the red and black details match the decals on the spokes.

14-Inch Ultimate Spider-Man Bike

Buy now from SportsDirect.com (14-inch or 16-inch) just £79.99 (+ £4.99 delivery)

This bike also features loads of other cool details, like Spidey’s insignia on the handlebars and chain guard, and decals on the removable stabilisers too. As far as Spider-Man bikes go, this one is extremely simple and straightforward but rocks an awesome, stripped back design. My thoughts? This is perfect for a kid that might like to add their own stickers and other flairs to their bicycle. At £79.99 it’s a great price for such a robust and reliable bicycle. Snap it up!

The key stats

  • Suitable for boys and girls 4–8 years; height 3’ 5” – 4’ 2”
  • Single gear
  • Some assembly required
  • Front and rear calliper brakes
  • Front and rear mudguards
  • Removable stabilisers included
  • £79.99 (+ £4.99 delivery) from SportsDirect.com (14-inch or 16-inch)


Cheapest 12-inch Spider-Man Bike (16-inch also available)

I mean, those 5-star reviews surely speak for themselves. This bike looks every inch as incredible as it rides, and with removable stabilisers plus a sturdy steel frame, it’s guaranteed to be perfect for your child.

18-Inch Spider-Man Bike

Buy now from Smyths Toys – 12-inch just £99.99 (16-inch – £109.99) + free delivery

Spidey fans will delight in the variety of decals – even the stabilisers are decorated with awesome Spider-Man graphics – and the cool red-and-blue colour scheme means that everything from the handlebars to the mudguards offers a cool surprise. Even the saddle has an ace Spider-Man logo!

Final thing: LOOK at that front wheel decal! Can you imagine the look on any Spider-Man fan’s face when you show them something like that? Kinda makes me want one for myself…

The key stats

  • Suitable for boys and girls 3–8 years; height 3’ 3” – 4’ 2”
  • Single gear
  • Steel frame
  • Front and rear calliper brakes
  • Front and rear mudguards
  • Removable stabilisers included
  • 12-inch just £99.99 from Smyths Toys (+ free delivery)
  • 16-inch just £109.99 from Smyths Toys (+ free delivery)


Cheapest Spider-Man Homecoming bike (14 or 16-inch)

This excellent Spider-Man Homecoming bike is all about the detail! From the Spider-Man decal chain guards, to the front panel, to the yellow pedals, to the red inner-wheels… But it’s not just the colours they’ve thought about: the steel frame, front and rear breaks and stabiliser compatibility makes this bike extra safe.

Spider-Man Homecoming Bike

Buy now from Argos – 14-inch just £99.99 (16-inch – £109.99)

The Spider-Man Homecoming bike might be cheap, but packs a whole heap of surprises. Available in two sizes, 14-inch and 16-inch, I would recommend this for all boys and girls aged 4 to 8 – and for less than £100, you’d be mad to miss this deal!

The key stats

  • Suitable for boys and girls 4–8 years; height 3’ 5” – 4’ 2”
  • Adjustable seat and handle height
  • Single gear
  • Steel frame
  • Self-assembly
  • Front and rear calliper brakes
  • Can be fitted with stabilisers
  • 14-inch just £99.99 from Argos
  • 16-inch just £109.99 from Argos


Cheapest 20-inch Spider-Man Bike (for 7─9 YEARS!)

And last in when we get to the serious hardware. 20kg lightweight frame, pneumatic tyres for all-terrain riding, adjustable saddle height, 6-speed Shimano gears and even a kick-stand.

20 Inch Spider-Man Bike

Buy now from Amazon UK

For any boy or girl graduating to their first full-size bike, this hybrid ticks all the boxes. Great for everything from downhill and mountain biking to cruising to school. And we haven’t even started talking about the detail yet!

This Spider-Man bike is a top-to-toe Spidey sensation: unique Spider-Cycle and Web-Slinger decals, comic book exclamations and even a printed saddle, plus that blue and red colour scheme we’re all familiar with which really comes to life in the wheel trims, which flash bright red and look electrifying at high speeds.

This bike is incredibly well-priced and will suit boys and girls well into their pre-teen years. A perfect starter bike for young adults and Spidey fans alike. Have I sung its praises enough? Sorry to ramble! I just can’t get enough of this one – and I guarantee any Spidey fan will love, love, love it!

The key stats

  • Suitable for boys and girls 7─9 years; height 3’ 10” – 4’ 6”
  • Six Shimano gears
  • Kick stand included
  • Front and rear calliper brakes
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • Front and rear mudguards
  • Available from Amazon UK